How to Milk Your Man's Prostate

The surge in searches pertaining to how to milk your man's prostate suggests that more men are becoming more open and comfortable about prostate massage. Also, many women are helping their men achieve sexual satisfaction by regularly massaging their prostate. A survey by Lelo, a Swedish-based adult toy manufacturer, showed that 80% of women don’t mind helping their partner achieve a stronger and longer lasting orgasm.

Although it has been practiced for many centuries especially in the Asian region, many people aren’t comfortable and confident enough to talk about milking the prostate. This is despite the fact that more and more individuals take part in the practice. However, due to the health and sensual benefits, more people are opening up. In fact, many are also willing to show the world how they do it and ways of experiencing bigger orgasms.

milk your man's prostateThe first step to a perfect prostate massage is locating the exact location of the prostate. Though it isn’t possible to touch the prostate gland (a walnut-sized organ) inside the man’s genitals, it’s possible to stimulate the nerves that are near it. The prostate is located about two inches inside a man’s anus, and you need to insert your finger or toy facing downwards while his butt is facing upwards.

The next step is lubricating the anal area and testicles with some warming oil or lube such as KY-gel so as to make the skin smooth and minimize any friction. First begin by rubbing the oil while gently massaging his penis, testicles, perineum, and anal region. Do this with light pressure so as to help him relax and allow your finger or toy slide in smoothly. The more relaxed he is, the easier the penetration.

While he has his bottom facing upwards, spread the butt cheeks and gently insert your finger or prostate massager about 1 to 2 inches. Focus on finding something that feels like a walnut nut, if you hear your man moan or groan in pleasure then you’ve hit the jackpot. Pullout the finger or massager then inert back again while using a rubbing motion and maintaining light pressure. Also, ensure you keep the region, finger or massager well lubricated at all times.

After a while you will hear your man’s moaning become louder and will see some body movement. Continue doing this while varying the pressure and adding some lube. Sooner you will see your man explode in pleasure as he unleashes his man juice (seminal fluid). In addition to giving your partner endless pleasure and taking your intimacy a notch higher, learning how to milk your man's prostate reduces cases of sexual dysfunction, inflammation and prostate cancer.

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