Is “Souping” The Latest Trend in Superfoods

Embracing a diet consisting of superfoods seems to be the order of the day as more and more people seek to live a healthier lifestyle. In fact, some people are becoming obsessed with the whole idea and will do anything to have a bowl of their favourite veggies or fruits within their reach, and it doesn’t matter the cost or the miles it takes to reach the table.

Overtime, the acceptance of a particular food or diet by many people all at once leads to peculiar trends which soon take over the market. This is usually influenced by things such as the latest discovery, reports from researchers, or a celebrity opening up about the superfood that helps her maintain her slim and lean figure. At one point, seaweed may be the most popular food while in the coming months people will prefer dragon fruit or chia. 

soupingA few months ago, the fad was juicing rather than consuming whole meals. Proponents to juicing believe that consuming juices pressed from fresh fruits, herb, or vegetables was more nutritious and beneficial than eating a meal made using the same ingredients. The juice was easily digested and absorbed into the system and there was minimal loss of essential ingredients. Some of the common foods used in juicing included seaweed, strawberry, goji berries, and apples.

However, there seems to be a new craze in town and it comes in the name of “Souping.” Rather than consuming the raw juice or food made from superfoods, people are going for soups made using the ingredients. This fad is mainly practiced by celebrities and Hollywood stars who enjoy a huge following, and not to be left behind, the fans are also incorporating soups made from superfoods into their diet. 

Souping is said to have an edge over juicing because more products can used in soups as opposed to juices or meals. The rate of consumption is also higher compared to food and individuals will consume between 6 and 8 soup servings in a day. People prefer souping because it is easy to prepare, consume, and also to moderate the intake. Also, the ingredients are easily absorbed into the system and within a shorter time.

Critics to the new craze say it has limitations in regard to nutritional intake since soups can only be made from select fruits, herbs, nuts, or vegetables. Also, due to lacking high fiber content, users may miss feeling full or satisfied. Will the new souping craze take the world of superfoods by storm? Only time will tell.

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