Sea Food, Natural Aphrodisiacs for Woman

Discussions about natural aphrodisiacs for woman are not only common but are playing a role in the sexuality of women. An aphrodisiac is described by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as any product that is believed to stirrup sexual emotions or boost sex drive thereby leading to better intimacy and exciting sexual experience.

Overtime, many products have been discovered and used to help women improve their sex drive especially those who lack the desire, suffer from sexual dysfunction, or have entered the menopausal stage. And with concerns about side effects that come with artificial products, women are opting to consume natural products for instance food, spices, herbs, and more.

Sea FoodA common observation is that many women lean more towards seafood than any other natural product. This has led to the speculation that products such as oysters, scallops, clams, and others offer the best effect. Such thinking is supported by the fact that the name aphrodisiac is derived from “Aphrodite” the Greek name for goddess of love who is also referred to as “Venus” by the Romans. And according to many myths and paintings, the goddess of love is associated with sea foam and sea food.

Dr. Oz, a renowned health expert has been quoted saying that a healthy heart is the way to good living. It is vital to ensure the arteries aren’t clogged up and blood flows through smoothly. According to him, seafood contains high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids which not only improve circulation but also promotes quality sex life.

Consuming seafood as natural aphrodisiacs for woman isn’t only limited to people suffering from sexual dysfunction but other people who want to experience better sex. Sam Mink, owner of Oyster House in Philadelphia says that though majority of the people who come to the seafood bar are older people seeking to improve their sex life, the number of younger people is rising. 

The essential ingredients in seafood include Pycnogenol, Omega-3 fatty acids, Arginine, amino acids, and zinc which improve blood circulation and eliminate cholesterol. The zinc stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain leading to increased sexual arousal, and the effect is similar to that experienced when the level of serotonin increases in the brain. 

According to Steven Lamm, MD, director of men's health at NYU Medical Center, essential amino acid encourage the production of nitric oxide gas which dilates the blood vessels leading to faster flow of blood and quicker absorption of compounds such as L-Arginine and zinc. The higher concentration is what makes seafood one of the popular and natural aphrodisiacs for woman especially the older generation.

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